MGNHost Privacy Policy

Please read this document carefully before you accept it!

This Privacy Policy sets forth procedure and special features of data processing in respect of MGNHost Services’ Users (“Users”).

This document (“Policy”) is an integral part of MGNHost Services User Agreement. Without acceptance of this Policy you may not use MGNHost Services.

MGNHost is entitled to amend this Policy at any time by posting a revised version on MGNHost web site in “Legal documents” section. You shall be responsible for reviewing all amendments.

Except expressly provided herein, all of the terms and definitions in this Policy shall continue to be effective as set forth in MGNHost Services User Agreement.

1. Purposes of data processing

Data is provided by the User in the following cases, particularly: registration on MGNHost web site, obtaining an access to User’s Account, conclusion of licensing agreements and agreement of any kind, that may be concluded through MGNHost Services’ functionality, as well as in following cases:

  • While participating in promotional and marketing events arranged by MGNHost;
  • While contacting via requesting, mailing or contacting MGNHost in a different way;
  • While using additional and special features when it is allowed by MGNHost Services’ functionality and MGNHost web site interface.

User’s Data is being processed in following cases (including, but no limited to):

  • Concluding and executing MGNHost Services Agreement;
  • Providing an opportunity of creating, further using and operating an Account;
  • Bugs elimination, Software Products modification and development of new Software Products and services;
  • Interactions among Users for obtaining comments regarding MGNHost Services, Software Products support, notifications about MGNHost Services and Software Products;
  • MGNHost Services and Software Products effectiveness analysis;
  • Payments acceptance, processing and verification;
  • Technical support rendering;
  • Informing about future events connected with MGNHost Services and Software Products, its updates and any other similar events.

2. User’s data collected and processed by MGNHost

MGNHost (its affiliates) collects and processes the following data (including but not limited to):

  • User’s (its representative, employee or any other person authorized by the User to perform practical actions with User’s Account while using MGNHost Services) surname, first name and patronymic (if any);
  • User’s passport details;
  • User’s registered address (residence address);
  • E-mail;
  • User’s Login;
  • Job position of User’s representative, employee or any other person authorized by the User to perform practical actions with User’s Account while using MGNHost Services;
  • Contact number.

Also MGNHost is entitled to collect User’s data related to: User’s IP-address, statistical information about User’s actions performed while using MGNHost Services, automatically generated User’s unique ID, billing data about transactions performed by User, language, territory where an access to MGNHost Services is performed, as well as any other data about User.

3. Usage of cookie

MGNHost uses cookies on MGNHost web site.

Cookies are text files, usually very small files, or pieces of information, that may be stored on User’s computer when User visits MGNHost websites.

MGNHost uses temporary (session) cookies and persistent cookies on its website. Session cookies are deleted from User’s computer when User closes its web browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored on User’s computer until deleted, or until they reach their expiry date.

The user may change its web browser’s settings to delete cookies that have already been set and to not accept new cookies (detailed description of this procedure usually exists in manual of each particular web browser).

In case of cookies’ deletion and/or making setting in such a way that new cookies would not be saved, some or all MGNHost web site and MGNHost Services features may be inaccessible.

4. Usage, distribution and transfer of data

MGNHost may combine (consolidate, merge) User’s date with any other information for securing, managing and developing of MGNHost Services. MGNHost is entitled to provide its affiliates/partners with User’s data when it is required for rendering MGNHost Services without obtaining User’s prior written consent for such provision.

Also, User’s data may be transferred to the third parties in following cases:

  • When it is required for the purposes of compliance with legislation, for instance, in case of fraud investigations or any other illegal activities;
  • When there is reasonable ground to believe in MGNHost, its affiliates/partners infringement of rights either potential or existing, in case of defending affected party;
  • When there is infringement of intellectual property rights.

5. Data storage

Data is stored during the time of rendering MGNHost Services, unless otherwise provided by applicable legislation (for instance, for accounting purposes of compliance with tax legislation).

6. Other responsibilities of the parties

User is responsible for completeness and correctness of data provided. When data provided is incomplete and/or incorrect, this data shall be adjusted by, inter alia, asking MGNHost’s specialists as it is mentioned in “Contact details” section.

MGNHost is entitled to store certain data required for compliance with applicable law, or effectiveness and security provision of MGNHost Services, even if data is being deleted/adjusted.

7. Contact details

SP Tyurin V. M.
ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number) 744608874004, PSRNSP (Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor) 307744625700028

455044, Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk region, city Magnitogorsk, avenu K. Marksa 107-50

Postal address: 455044, Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk region, city Magnitogorsk, P.O. Box 7144

Tel: +7(904)9769235, Fax: +7(3519)421350